Project Description

An easy to use and expand on medial player written in Silverlight. Current version is written in Silverlight 3. I hope to keep expanding on this in the future. Please look at the downloads page for the features of this view player. You can look at an example here

Dontate Here:

Source Code

Please don't use the Source Code tab on this page. That has the version 1 code. I will be uploading code changes to the downloads page

Live Examples
If the site you use this on is a public website let me know and I will add the link here so we can have more live examples/usage of this player.


If you would like to be a contributor to this please email me and we can go from there.


Questions about this please contact me through my blog at or via twitter @johnmendez00 (

Media Player UI - NOTE: I'm not a designer :)


Default Page - search box, featured videos (top row), recent videos bottom row(s) (it shows up to 10 at a time)


Search Results - shows up to 25 results at a time.


Admin Module UI - again..not too much time on the design

Default Insert Screen


After Upload Complete


Edit Screen


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